Discover your Super Power as a DSP

What is your super power?

As children, we are encouraged to expand our horizons and to explore all avenues of life, taking on new hobbies and activities. As a child, your parents may encourage you to try out for the baseball team or school play, or see how you match up against your peers by joining the debate team.

As an adult, don’t waste your time continuing to figure out what your best at. Instead, self-evaluate and focus on what your strengths and skills are and then match those strengths and skills with a job, as well as certain aspects of a job, that you may thrive and succeed in.

What is your super power as a DSP?

As a Direct Support Professional, there are many avenues to choose from when providing Direct Supports. Maybe you work best supporting people in the community or at their home. Or perhaps you find out you are much more effective at your job providing supports to children instead of adults. However similar to reading a book, you also need to give yourself enough time to adequately determine whether the job title is right for you. Exploring all of your options and giving each option a chance, including in the social work field, is one of the most effective ways of Discovering your Super Power as as DSP.

Knowing what you’re best at requires self-motivation and determination. If you’re not feeling motivated to mop the floors at an individual’s home or help an individual(s) work on their cooking skills, home supports are probably not for you. Perhaps you find more value in helping an adult or child with disabilities find a job or volunteer opportunity. If you feel motivated and determined enough to help an individual research volunteer opportunities, apply to multiple places and ultimately participate/volunteer with that individual, then you discovered your super power as a DSP, which is helping individuals with disabilities be as productive as possible in the community.

Remember that no matter what part of the job you work in as a DSP, your ultimate super power while providing direct supports is to improve an individual(s) productivity levels, self-esteem, level of independence, and overall well being. However It’s impossible to do that if a DSP doesn’t have a strong work ethic and self-determination themselves.

Attitudes are contagious and DSPs are no exception!

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