DSPortal Introduction

The mission of DSPortal is to ensure adults and children with disabilities live the most productive and independent life possible, whether that’s at home, in the community, or within an agency.

In most community programs, including the one I worked for, it can take up to 30 minutes helping an individual(s) find that perfect volunteer place, job, or activities coming up within the agency. Of course, that information is generally found online, in a newspaper, activity binder in the office, etc and most community programs only last about 4 to 5 hours. That time goes by very quickly, too much of which is taken up by researching for activities that pertain to an individual’s goals.

Ezra Estey Founder & CEO

Within a matter of seconds, DSPortal answers most, if not all questions individuals have when finding productive activities to do.

This includes for example a Google Maps location of an adult workshop, hours of operation, a link to the business’s website if applicable, as well as a short description about the business. This basic information only takes 20 seconds to find on DSPortal, rather than 15-20 minutes on Google and other search engines, having to click on one link after another. This provides individuals more time to be productive citizens, building self-esteem in the process and overall well being.

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